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Tiny Games are Coming


We have to confess to having been fan of the people at Hide&Seek for several years now, but even if that weren't the case we would still be excited about their Kickstarter project, Tiny Games (click and donate!).

It's a project which will, if successful, culminate in the development of an app packed to the rafters with game ideas to play, with friends or alone, wherever you might find yourself. In their words: "Let's say you're in the park, with a couple of friends, and you feel like playing a game. You didn't pack a Frisbee or a pack of cards - but you have the Tiny Games app on your phone. You fire it up, enter some simple info, and then - plucked from a library of hundreds of different games, for different situations and personality types and moods - you get the game that's right for you, here, now. The app guides you smoothly through the rules, and helps you keep track during play. All you need to do is have fun..."

Not only does that sound fun, but it taps into a broader trend towards small, intimate, indie-esque games experiences - the sucess off indie devs over the past couple of years - from Jonathan Blow's Braid to the incredible success of New Star Soccer - has signalled a shift away from AAA, hyper-glossy entertainment and towards a more homespun ethos - which Tiny Games embodies perfectly. Here's hoping the Kickstarter makes it!

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