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All Hail Our New Robot Director Overlords

What sort of a film would robots make if robots could in fact make films? Well Blade Runner, obviously, but seeing as that's already been made we will watch with interest to see what Robots In Residence looks like - a project, part of the Tribeca Film Festival, which takes a bunch of pre-programmed autonomous (and oddly cute) robots and lets them loose around the Festival, interacting with and filming festivalgoers and cutting the whole into a short documentary.

The final screening at the Festival was on 21st April, which means the completed doc should show up online sometime soon - in the meantime, though, it's a fascinating project and one that asks all sorts of interesting questions about the nature of the auteur, the director's art and the nature of filmmaking. Having not seen the finished product we're not yet in a position to judge whether the output's award-winning, but we feel fairly confident that the Oscars committee won't be troubling themselves just yet...

You can read more in this piece on Mashable - and here's a short video of the tech behind the project:




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