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Oculus Rift – Fulfilling the Promise of VR

Do you remember virtual reality in the 1990s? It looked a lot like this and it was RUBBISH:

Now, though, the VR that we were all promised in films like The Lawnmower Man may be coming a step closer (well, maybe not quite like the Lawnmower Man...). Oculus Rift is a new headset in development, which allows for full head-and-eye tracking, and a lot more besides. Using high-definition screens mounted within a headset and sitting just centimetres from the users' eyes, Oculus Rift will, its makers claim, create the truly immersive entertainment experience that gamers have been hankering after since all this was just science fiction.

It's not just the developers who are talking it up, though - this piece from The Verge gives a flavour of just how excited certain people in the industry are getting, and the possibilities that game devs can see in the technology.

Still not convinced? Check out the video below, of the tech in action on Team Fortress II, and see if you don't become a convert (or, at the very least, a little bit motion sick) by the end:


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