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Eve Online Getting A TV Show

EVE Online is a curious beast. In many respects it's a massive spreadsheet masquerading as a hugely complex videogame; if you look at it more closely, though, you can get sucked it to its massively nuanced world.

It has its own real-life government formed of a hardcore cabal of its players; it has its own fully-fledged economy which has been the subject of some fairly in-depth analysis by the sorts of serious publications which don't normally cover videogames; and the amount of time, energy and (occasionally) real-world money which dedicated players invest in it can lead to some genuinely fascinating stories and soap operas (even for people who have never played it).

Now, those stories are going to be turned into a sci-fi television series (and, less-groundbreakingly, a DC Comics series. This is, if you think about it, a fascinating development - screenwriters mining the 'real' exploits of players within a fictional universe to in-turn create fictive entertainment. It's all quite headspinningly meta. No clues as to whether the show will be any good, but the source material's certainly deep...

The developers are asking players to submit their stories for consideration - keep an eye on this, it could be the start of a trend...

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