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Insects Au Gratin at the Wellcome

The Wellcome Collection is without a doubt one of the most eclectic spaces in London, as you'd expect from a place based on the ideals of one of the most insatiably curious men in history.

This week, they are running a series of quite incredible workshops called 'Insects Au Gratin' (taking place on Thursday and Friday), alongside two evenings of insect--based gastronomy (sadly sold out).

Combining 3-d printing with some of the more outre corners of what's considered dietarily acceptible by the mainstream, the workshops aim to make eating insects more accessible by mixing their ground remains (no, wait, come back...) with more traditional foodstuffs before 3-d printing them into shapes which are then eaten. Which, you must admit, sounds LOADS more palatable than just biting the head of a cricket.

You can read more about insect eating and the show itself in this article - below's a piece of news from AFP showing the process in action. Bon appetite...:

  • What Insects Au Gratin
  • Where The Wellcome Collection -
  • When This week
  • How much? Free
  • How long? A couple of hours
  • How excited? Buzzing (sorry)

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