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The Colors News Machine

Colors is a brilliant magazine. Brainchild of famed(then)  Benetton creative Oliviero Toscani, the 'magazine about the rest of the world' tackles a different theme in every issue, and comprises some of the best photojournalism and intelligent writing you will read.

The magazine's latest issue looks at 'Making the News' - and to launch it, Colors created the News Machine and put it on display at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. The machine looks at the manner in which information is filtered, reinterpreted and distorted by multiple channels of dissemination. Or, in their words:


Designed in collaboration with interactive designer Jonathan Chomko, the COLORS News Machine turns your tweets into headlines, but only after they’ve been passed through all the media filters and technological platforms that disseminate and distort the news today.


Twitter is the largest and least verifiable wire agency in the world. Tweet your story to @colorsmachine and watch the message change as it echoes through different media and into print.

A megaphone will read your tweet out loud. Its tape recorder listens, converting what it hears into text so that the television can show it onscreen. A camera watching the television converts what it sees into a signal to the radio antenna, which broadcasts the tweet. And the waiting microphone interprets this radio address as text again for printing.

Pick up your receipt. Compare the original tweet with the final report. Accuracy of reproduction varies according to the clarity of your writing and to chance.

Try again.

Watch a video about the project here:

Colors News Machine by Fabrica from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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