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Giant, Bouncy Carrots Coming to Kew

It's hard to describe this without making oneself sound like one of the more excitable passages from Lewis Carroll, but nonetheless...thanks to those clever people at Hide & Seek, the end of May til November this year will see visitors to the wonderful Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew given the opportunity on giant, inflatable carrots. We'll hand over the descriptive duties to Hide & Seek at this point:

From 25 May, as part of Kew’s IncrEdibles festival, we’ll be showing our Giant Carrots – a vegetable bed of amazing metre-wide rubber carrot-tops that you can bounce on, hopping from one to another and posing among their shady leaf-tops.

The festival runs until November 2013, and it’s full of amazing stuff from all sorts of artists and makers – everything from a fruit-salad boating lake to a tea-party rose garden and a huge global vegetable patch.

So there. The IncrEdibles festival looks like a brilliant Summer day (or even days) out for the family - we can't wait, although we have to hope there are no age / weight restrictions for the bouncing...

  • What The IncrEdibles Festival
  • Where Kew Gardens
  • When 25th May-November
  • How much? Admission to Kew, plus additional costs for IncrEdible activities
  • Who's going? Half of London, presuming it stops raining at some point
  • How excited? More so than we'd usually be about carrots

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