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The World’s End: In Hope of a Happy Ending

As an ex-wannabe perma-slacker (and thus, mandatory Spaced-fanboy), I have been looking forward to the final film in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy pretty much from the moment the credits rolled on Hot Fuzz back in 2007.

I even plugged Simon Pegg for details on the final chapter in an otherwise excruciating interview for about six years ago.  (And, yes, I still shudder at the memory of this encounter.)

The good news is that the wait is soon to be over.  After what has amounted to a nine month social media fluffing exercise by Pegg, Frost & Wright, the trailer was finally released on Thursday.

And here it is.

Party-Spoiler Alert

Perhaps I'm just getting on a bit but I can't pretend that I'm as excited as I was before I saw the trailer.

I should stress that  I have no desire for this film to be anything other than the motherlode of a perfect third act.  In fact I probably want this film to be brilliantly entertaining more than anyone else. (Except perhaps for the writers, producers, cast, crew and their families & friends.)

I don't want to overdo it.  It's a trilogy, so of course there needs to be an echo of the original plots.  It's directed by Edgar Wright, so of course there's going to be a stylistic signature.  It's comedy that has always been intrinsically referential - reverentially so.  And it's only the first trailer after all.

But I keep coming back to a pit-of-stomach anxiety that it's a just a little bit too familiar.   Maybe it's the ever-so-slightly-tired call-back to the through-the-fence-gag.  Or maybe it's the fact that The Rock thinks that gag is classic.


Or maybe I should just lighten up, have a Cornetto and get back to looking forward to The World's End.




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