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An Extravaganza of Morris

We love Morris dancing here. Not even in some sort of hipster-ish, 'ironic' fashion - it just makes us happy. There's something about the combination of history, beards, real ale, latent sexuality and garters that makes it one of the best things about being British.

This Saturday, then, we're particularly looking forward to the 60th Anniversary Westminster Day of Dance. the Westminster Morris team - who are, according to their website, recognised as one of the country's leading mens' morris teams - will be donning bells and picking up sticks for a day's hardcore Morris-ing across the Borough.

You can see more details on the Westminster Morris website (they are also, wonderfully, available for hire) - seriously, we can't recommend this enough. See you on Saturday!

  • What Morris Dancing
  • Where All over Westminster
  • When Saturday 18th May
  • How much? Gloriously free, as Morris ought to be
  • How long? All day
  • Who's going? Anyone with an ounce of sense (and probably quite a lot of CAMRA members)
  • How excited? HEY NONNY NONNY!

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