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Draw Your Own Games (well, almost)

Pixel Press is a simple concept which has left us shaking our heads at the magical futuristic world we live in. Currently 1/4 of the way through a Kickstarter fundraising round, the project is all about getting game design into the hands of children (or playful adults), using an ingenious level design system which translates drawings into code.

It's a little more complicated that that (well, ok, a lot more complicated), but at its heart the system really is designed to be that easy to use. To quote the people behind it: "with the Pixel Press platform you are designing five floors of a video game level. Your hero will start at the bottom and attempt to overcome the obstacles you create to reach the elevator at the end of each floor to advance up to the next floor. Your objective is to create a level that is progressively more challenging from top to bottom.".

We're rather excited about this - the technology behind it, for one, has so many potential applications and could lead to decent AR-type games being developed for Android and iOS rather than the slightly shabby ones we're currently saddled with. Check out the video below - and if you agree with us that this is tech that deserves to be made, help them meet their Kickstarter goal:

Pixel Press Walkthrough from Robin Rath on Vimeo.

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