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Looking forward to Open City

Whilst it certainly doesn't feel like Summer, according to the calendar it's inching towards Festival season once again...This year we're particularly looking forward to one of London's more exciting non-musical offerings - the Open City Docs Fest.

Open City Docs Fest is a live festival devoted to exploring the world we live in through the vision of documentary film, taking place across multiple London venues for 4 days in June. Every event is a 'live' event, with filmmaker Q&As, film and subject panel discussions, live scores, comedy, theatre, guided documentary walks, live music, food, workshops for industry and public - it's a little more than just sitting in darkened rooms watching films (not that there's anything wrong with that, of course).

As to what sort of films you can expect to see, in the words of the organisers:

The festival presents films about real life, and about the experience of real people - many of whose voices are not often heard. Open City Docs Fest has selected films that explore the range of modern life from the challenges of urban living, to the thrills of science, the subversion of art and the restorative beauty of music.

You can take a look at the whole 2013 programme here  - there are some great looking films on there, and we're particularly interested in Legally Wasted, which looks like being a timely investigation into the UK's current fascination with legal highs. Frankly, though, the whole programme looks great - we'd suggest getting your tickets for this one asap...

  • What Open City Docs Fest
  • Where UCL and the surrounding areas, London
  • When 20-23 June 2013
  • How much? £6 and upwards - full festival pass is £85
  • Who's going? Film enthusiasts and the generally curious
  • How excited? (Legally) High as kites

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