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Arts Council Publishes Research on Future of Libraries

Another month, another piece of Arts Council research  - this time into the role of libraries and the future of the sector.

The report is large, but the executive summary is worth reading. Its core conclusions are unsurprising - that the need for libraries will continue into the future; that the manner in which they are funded will necessarily need to change slightly, moving more towards an outcome-led model; that they are not currently consistently delivering high-quality 21st Century services; that there are challenges inherent in new publishing models, etc, for the library sector...

None of the above is startling - what perhaps may give more pause for thought is the emphasis on libraries to deliver better services for / in a digital world whilst at the same time asserting that this needn't necessarily require additional funding. One might, it could be argued, see the very real need to increase funding to the libraries sector in order to help attract the sorts of people with the skillsets to deliver these aforementioned improved services.

We shall see, in any case, what all this leads to; coverage has been limited, but this piece  in The Bookseller is interesting (as are the comments). In any case, you can download the report from the Arts Council's website here - what do you think?

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