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Dekko Brings Augmented Reality to Wearable Devices

Augmented Reality has been a buzzword for a few years now, but still hasn't really gained any significant traction in the mainstream. Whilst a few high-profile gimmicky applications have received a lot of kudos in the PR and marketing media, notably the Lynx stunt at Victoria station a few years back, but the lack of any particularly useful practical applications for the technology have hampered its ability to penetrate beyond the tech world.

That could be set to change in the next few years. Dekko, a US startup (recently profiled here), is working to integrate what they term 'a visual layer to wearable computing devices'. What that means is a potential integration of AR tech with Google Glass - which is potentially very big news indeed.

The video below is a conversation between Dekko and self-confessed 'Glasshole' Robert Scoble - it's long, but very interesting as to where this could all eventually lead. Take a look:

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