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The Ted Bundy Project

Ted Bundy, it's fair to say, was not a nice man. Yet he was also described as compelling and charismatic, and, as with other notorious serial killers, he exerts a fascination on some people which has extended long after his lifespan.

This weekend, London-based American actor and performer Greg Wohead performed two dates of his work-in-progress show about Bundy at South London's Oval House theatre. It's an intriguing piece of work - the nature of the subject matter means that by definition it was never going to be the most comfortable evening's theatre, but Wohead's charisma makes the whole thing less unpleasant and creepy than it might otherwise be.

The piece combines Wohead's own reminiscences about how he became entranced by Bundy and the mythos surrounding him with transcripts of court records, details of Bundy's appalling crimes, and a series of meditations on the internet phenomenon of reaction videos to real-life horrors such as '1 Psychopath, 1 Icepick' (we don't recommend that you Google that, fyi). Whilst still a developing piece, it already raises a variety of interesting questions regarding the peculiar relationship we as a society have with horror and transgression, the strange appeal of the appalling, and the manner in which we fetishise our monsters. It also makes you very careful about following YouTube 'rabbitholes' (as Wohead calls them) too far.

The show is still in development, but will be performed again as it evolves - we advise you to keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, though, you can read a short interview with Wohead here.

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