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Escher Staircase Coming to LDW

The London Design Festival is always a treat, and this year's promises to be no exception - the full programme can be seen here, but we're most looking forward to seeing the 'Endless Staircase' designed by dRMM.

The Escher=esque structure will be situated by St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge - we'll defer to the architects for the explanation...:

Alex de Rijke describes it as “a three-dimensional exercise in composition, structure and scale and as both a marker and meeting place”. The structure will be sited on axis with the Millennium Bridge, with St Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop.

Jonas concluded his presentation by stating that “‘Endless Stair’ is not only a structural experiment in engineered timber but is testing our visual and physical experience of space and perspective”.

So there. Really looking to seeing how this one messes with our heads...

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