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Art Appreciation is Measurable

What is it that makes people respond to a work of art or culture? And how can one quantify such a response? "You can't, it's subjective" has traditionally been the answer, but now a team of neuroscientists working at Norwegian and Australian universities are looking to challenge that stance, with research which purports to show that an individual's response to artworks can be quantified and tracked.

It's all very highbrow, to be hones, but to quote the scientists in question: "we introduce a psycho-historical framework for the science of art appreciation. This framework demonstrates that a science of art appreciation must investigate how appreciators process causal and historical information to classify and explain their psychological responses to art. Expanding on research about the cognition of artifacts, we identify three modes of appreciation: basic exposure to an artwork, the artistic design stance, and artistic understanding." So there.

Leaving aside for a second practical considerations as to what can and can't be measured, and how, we can foresee this sort of quantifiable response being integrated into an artwork in the next year or so - making public response to the work part of the work itself, in some sort of incredible recursive twist.

You can read a little more about the research here.


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