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eBay Creates Touchscreen Shops In NYC

Digital retailers creating a temporary physical presence is not in itself a new thing - eBay did one in London's Soho in 2011, for example - but this activation in Manhattan is a nice combination of technology and user-friendliness, and removes the necessity for any human interaction whatsoever at point-of-sale, which some might argue is one of the major benefits of online shopping in the first place.

To quote their Press Release: "With our partners at Kate Spade Saturday, we are launching four 24-hour Window Shops in Manhattan. Each interactive storefront allows shoppers to select and order  merchandise from Kate Spade Saturday, Kate Spade’s new weekender line, on a touchscreen, schedule a free one-hour delivery to anywhere in the city, and pay with PayPal Here upon delivery".

It's an interesting idea, and we wonder whether there's a model there for a more permanent retail this space.

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