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Twitter & WPP Announce Partnership

Amongst all of Friday's understandable furore over PRISM, this announcement from global media giant WPP slipped somewhat under the radar.

Revealing that Sir Martin Sorrell's advertising, communications (and, increasingly, everything else too) behemoth has entered into a commercial relationship with Twitter, the news is potentially game-changing for the advertising and media industries. Whilst (understandably) details as to exactly what data this will give WPP companies access to, the line from the release which is most telling is: "companies from a variety of disciplines will increasingly leverage Twitter data across a number of important initiatives to deliver more effective campaigns, enhanced targeting and more real-time insight to clients"

The potential ramifications are, if taken to logical conclusions, vast. Given the amount of data Twitter potentially has around users' interests based on cross-referencing information such as the content of their tweets, the biographies of those they follow, the brands and themes they interact with, at the very least this is a planner's wet dream. If you then think that this will potentially give WPP agencies the ability to go to, say, the Guardian and tell them exactly what their followers like most, what they are interested in, the brands they most value, and when they are most active online - and where - you start to get a picture of the sort of power they might be able to wield.

There's no word yet on the degree to which this is exclusive - but we'd be surprised if there wasn't a degree of exclusivity built in, which potentially creates a very un-level playing field in the world of the big media companies. Your move, Omnicom...

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