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Can We Start Taking Games Seriously Now, Please?

According to MCV, the UK games industry's trade magazine, this weekend saw PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us banking more money for publisher Sony than Superman: Man of Steel made at the UK's cinemas.

Whilst reviews for the latest in the seemingly-interminable line of superhero films have been largely lukewarm, the significance of this shouldn't be underestimated. It's not the first time that we've seen stories about games outperforming other entertainment media in terms of sales - similar stories did the rounds when Resident Evil 5 came out a few years ago - but it's worth pointing out exactly how big this story is. The Last Of Us is a big title, produced by a big studio with an excellent track record - but it's not a GTA, Resident Evil, Halo or COD. It's also only available on PS3, which isn't even the most diffuse console platform amongst UK consumers. And itĀ stillĀ outperformed Superman.

Noone should need convincing any more about how games are now fully entrenched in the mainstream - a cursory look at the smartphone-clutching commuters on public transport each morning and evening should make clear to even the most sceptical observer that games are very, very popular - but hopefully the increased commercial success of the medium, particularly in comparison with other more 'traditional' entertainment industries (if cinema, as a barely centenarian medium, can be considered traditional), will see the media treating the games industry as a more heavyweight prospect. Time will tell...

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