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Hackney Shares

Every now and then an idea comes along that is so simple, it's almost irritating.   Hackney Shares is one of them.

Basically an extension of the time banking concept - but for companies as well as individuals - Hackney Shares provides a marketplace for any organisation to exchange their goods &/or services with any other organisation.

All you need to do is register your company; provide an outline of  the goods or services you have to exchange; then look to match with other goods or services that you're (quite literally) in the market for.

Don't be put of by the name, as the plans are to stretch this London-wide very soon - and then beyond.

As the business media continue to froth over the implications of alternative currencies (Amazon Coins is the new Bitcoin, apparently), it looks like good old-fashioned bartering has just been given an almighty reboot for the  21st century. how it works

For seasonal and project based industries (especially the creative services & cultural sectors) this could be a godsend - enabling spare time between projects to be put to good use and, ultimately, protecting jobs.

Could do wonders for community networks too.

Give it a go.

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