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A Truly Ridiculous Sandwich

There have been a few food trends which have taken us somewhat by surprise this year - the ridiculous hype on both sides of the Atlantic generated  by the creation of the Cronut, for example - but this sandwich offering from US blog Ambitious Kitchen struck us as particularly odd (or inspired, depending on your perspective).

You can find the full recipe here, but this is basically a toasted cheese sandwich with chocolate. And raspberries. BRIE, CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRIES, FOR GOD'S SAKES! Craziness. It sort of looks quite good, though:


Aside from the oddity of the recipe itself, there's an interesting trend which can be seen here - from this to the cronut, the idea of outlandish and impressive flavour / texture combinations is one which is gaining traction in mainstream cuisine. Borne of the molecular gastronomy boom of the early-2000s, we're now seeing less technical but equally surprising fusions - a bit like the sort of crazy combinations satirised in Patrick Bateman's descriptions of Sea Bass with kumquat gelee (or similar) in American Psycho. Expect to see more surprising combos on mainstream menus over the coming months. Now we're off to try making the sandwich (and to get the defibrillator ready).

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