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Furniture Designed by Children

It all started with The Monster Engine, Dave Devries' now-legendary project which took the strange drawings which small children routinely bestow upon proud parents and turning them into PROPER art - revealing the darkness lurking within a child's imagining of a monster.

Recently other projects have cropped up, taking similar drawings and turning them into stuffed toys - we're unsure whether these are cute or creepy, but there's no denying their odd charm.

This project, though, is, to our mind, the coolest of these riffs on Devries' original concept. Kingston University students Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake held an art lesson with a class of seven and eight year-olds at a local school and asked each of the children to draw a chair. They then picked two and had them made...


There's something truly magical about the designs, from the slightly wonky proportions to the acid-bright primary colours. We reckon it can't be long before an enterprising furniture designer starts offering this as a regular service...or a brand partners with someone to offer this as some sort of competition on social media. We'll watch with interest...

This post was inspired by this original article at Creative Review.


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