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Amazon Launches Autorip in UK

We've been helping out with the launch of their Autorip service over the past few weeks, and are very glad to see it go live today in the UK (and to see the coverage).

Autorip is a service which, put simply, works to give you the digital version of an album for free when you buy the physical version (whether that be CD or vinyl). So, a customer buying the new Queens of the Stone Age album on CD this afternoon will not only receive an Amazon package in the post, but will be immediately able to listen to the album on Amazon's Cloud Player - and, should they wish, to download the music onto their computer, phone or tablet.

TheĀ really cool thing, though, is the fact that the technology also tracks your past purchases on - and adds digital versions of all of these to your Cloud Player too. Remember what you were buying on Amazon in 2003? No, nor do we, but you'll soon be able to find out. Cue lots of happy reminiscing and hasty disavowels of past lapses in taste...

The service currently applies to 350,000 albums, but this number is set to swell over the coming weeks. You can read more by taking a look at this excellent piece by Stuart Dredge at the Guardian - we're off to remove any digital traces of the Spice Girls album from our virtual lockers...


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