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Clever Promo Site for Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has been generating a lot of excitement for a few months now, and the trailer released at E3 (which we've embedded below) only served to heighten that anticipation. Released this November, it's a clever-looking take on the old 'dystopian future' chestnut, with a particular emphasis on the digital world and espionage (anyone would think that the recent newsflashes about PRISM and the like are just part of the marketing campaign. We wish), and a novel-seeming series of mechanics allowing you to dynamically affect the world you inhabit through subtle, covert interactions with NPCs and their data.

The website they've released as part of the promotional campaign - a little early, perhaps? - is very clever, though. Take a look here - it tracks publicly available information in real-time across 3 European cities (London, Paris and Berlin), pointing out very cleverly both one of the game's central conceits (ie that information is everywhere and accessing it is easy) and also the proliferation of available data which exists in the real world. 

Not only that, but it's got a nice glitchy aesthetic about it and the webwork is pretty slick too. Overall this ticks a LOT of internet-friendly boxes and will doubtless go everywhere - kudos to the developers. Now watch the trailer and wish away the Summer so that November comes sooner...:

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