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Penguin Street Art Covers

Getting artists to redesign book covers is a tried and tested promotional technique - but the recent campaign by Penguin books, which  saw them commission a rather exciting selection of street artists from around the world, was a cut above the ordinary. In their words: "To celebrate Penguin's longstanding reputation of artistic creativity and innovation, the series presents ten outstanding novels with new jackets especially designed by some of the world's best street and urban artists, including 45rpm, Vinnie Nylon, Sick Boy and ESPO. Through these re-designs, Penguin seek to document the diversity and talent that exists in the street art scene that perfectly reflects the contemporary worlds imagined within the pages". You can see a video about the process below, but we strongly recommend you head to the Penguin site in order to have a look at the covers for yourselves. We're particularly taken with the effort for Jonathan Coe's 'What A Carve Up!', which we've reproduced below: What-a-Carve-Up-by-Jonathan-Coe-Dain

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