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Harkive – Tracking Music On One Day in 2013

Harkive is a project for which we have a lot of love here at Cult Brand towers. The brainchild of one man, Craig Hamilton, the project sought to collect stories, data and general information about how the world was consuming and interacting with music in all its many forms on 9th July 2013.

It's worth reading Craig's mission statement in full:

"It is my belief that no two people have ever listened to music in precisely the same way, and I think this is particularly, increasingly true today. Some of us may use technology or services common to many others, or we may listen to music on the same type of journeys, or in similar spaces, and for similar reasons, but each of us nevertheless creates our own, unique patchwork from what is available to us. The Harkive Project wants to find out how and why you listen to music in the way that you do, and how the devices, technologies, formats, services and time available to you are combined to create your personal listening experience.

On 9th July 2013 I will be gathering stories from music fans across the globe in order to create a unique snapshot of the many listening cultures, habits and practices that exist on that day. I want to repeat this process every year and map how these change over time. My hope is that the results of my analysis into the responses to various instances of Harkive develop into a useful, informative and interesting resource for anyone interested in Popular Music. In order for this to happen, I need your help: I’d like you to tell me your story.

You’ll be able to contribute your story in a number of ways; by writing a few words, or taking some photographs, or even recording some audio or video. You’ll also be able to contribute using Twitter, or by commenting on the Harkive Facebook page, or a number of other online and social networking services. My intention is to make contributing as easy as possible, because I want to gather as many responses as I can. The more people I hear from, the better".

The project is obviously now over for the year, although you can continue to contribute to it until 16th July - now the really interesting part begins, though, as Craig looks through all the submissions and starts to analyse and draw conclusions from the data. It will at the very least provide a fascinating 'Life In A Day'-style picture of the world's attitude towards and consumption of music - and has the potential to become an artistically fascinating, not to mention truly useful, tracking look at how we as a culture connect with the music we make. Which is quite a big thing, really.

What are you waiting for? Go and take a look!

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