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Team Behind Launches Lumi

The idea of websites which purport to 'learn' about what you like is not a new one - algorithmic taste predictors have been knocking around for a while now, after all.

The latest in the line - and, having tried it out quite a lot over the past week, certainly one of the most impressive - is called Lumi, and uses your browser history to work out the sort of websites and pages you like and to serve up more of the same (or similar).

There's been a few decent interviews around the project, led by Martin Stiksel and Felix Miller who co-founded a decade or so ago, and this short piece in the Guardian gives a reasonable overview of the project.

There's obviously a certain psychological barrier to be overcome as regards letting them have access to your browsing history - although they do promise not to do anything bad with it - but if the service learns and improves from accessing your information in the way that we've already seen over the past week of use, then it seems like they may have a viable property on their hands...

Go and try it out (although Cult Brand accepts no responsibility for the sort of content the site will throw up - after all, it's your browsing history).

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