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The Bradley – New Watch Design for Visually Impaired

Tradtionally, watches for the visually impaired tend to some with some sort of audio element - a button you can push which makes the timepiece 'say' the time for its user. Which is fine, but somewhat inelegant - and not exactly helpful in noisy situations, or ones in which silence is a necessity.

Help is at hand in the shape of The Bradley, a Kickstarter project which, with 30 days still to go at the time of writing, has smashed its fundraising goal by a factor of 5.

Using a pair of moving magnets, the timepiece (they're actually quite specific about not calling it a watch...) allows the visually impaired to simply tell the time through touch, whilst simultaneously making it visible through sight.

It's a great piece of design, with real practical benefits - we look forward to seeing The Bradley on wrists in the near future.

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