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Disney Bringing AR To Books (and the rest)

Augmented Reality is a lovely idea which, as yet, is yet to gain mainstream traction - the lack of any practically useful applications, combined with a user experience which often fails to match up to the hype, means that the technology remains more of a gimmick than the 'oh my God, we're living in the future' gamechanger that some might have predicted a few years ago.

Disney are throwing a lot of their R&D might behind the tech, though, in an effort to change this. To quote them:

"How can projected imagery traverse the digital-physical divide to interact with physical objects and surfaces in the environment? HideOut explores how mobile projectors can enable new forms of interaction with digital content projected on everyday objects such as books, walls, game boards, tables, and many others.

We enable seamless interaction between the digital and physical world using specially formulated infrared-absorbing markers – hidden from the human eye, but visible to a camera embedded in a compact mobile projection device. Digital imagery directly augments and responds to the physical objects it is projected on, such as an animated character interacting with printed graphics in a storybook."

You can read more about the project here, but to get a real idea of what it can do you should really take a look at the video below. It's evidently still very much at the prototype stage, but the potential is rather exciting...:

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