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The Future of Film – Remixes, Reboots & Endless Regurgitation?

We caught some of the recent-ish Karate Kid remake (here at Cult Brand we have a healthy disdain for the term 're-boot') last night. Aside from the slightly disturbing re-casting of the Ralph Macchio character as a child who looked far, far too young to be taking (and, in fairness, meting out)  that sort of physical punishmen, the main feeling we were left with was...well...why?

It wasn't a dreadful film - but an entirely unnecessary one, taking the original film's story of hard-won mastery of oneself and the importance of tenacity and...erm...telling it again, but not as well, and without this frankly incredible song which has been soundtracking the inside of our heads for the past 24h.

It just seemed unnecessary. It did, of course, make a lot of money at the Box Office, and a sequel's already in the pipeline, so obviously there are people in Hollywood who know loads more about marketing films than we do...but then we saw this list of planned remakes being lined up by the film industry, and we got a little bit sad and had to have a sit down.

Annie? We really need a remake of Annie? Another set of superhero re-boots (anyone listening to the unintentionally comedic attempts by Evan Davis to apply a serious tone to the announcement of a Superman vs Batman film will have heard chilling talk of the possibility of having FX-heavy superhero tripe foisted on us for the next 20 years with nary a pause for breath)? Stephen King's 'It'? It seems hard to imagine a CGI Pennywise having quite the same menace as the original, somehow.

It's sobering reading. Take a look for yourself and see if you can imagine more than, say, 5 which are likely to a) be any good; or b) actually anticipated by anyone.

We're sticking to the indies and the TV box sets, thankyouverymuch.

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