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The Future Is Here (or at The Design Museum)

The Design Museum's latest exhibition opens today. Looking at new manufacturing technologies in development, it explores the relationship between manufacturing methodologies and design, specifically 'what drives innovation and new manufacturing techniques, how these can lead to increased growth and productivity and how they will change your future. The boundaries between designer, maker and consumer are disappearing with a growing movement of ‘hacktivists’, who share and download digital designs online in order to customise them for new uses'.

#FUTUREISHERE from Design Museum on Vimeo.

Accompanying the exhibition is a rather nice website - The Future Is Here - which invites people to submit their examples of creative, innovative design and manufacture to accompany the physical exhibition. It's an interesting idea - augmenting the curated aspect of the show with a crowdsourced element, and creating what we assume will be a lasting repository of creative manufacturing and design concepts. Potentially a useful resource for anyone interested in these sorts of things - bookmark it for future reference....


  • What The Future Is Here
  • Where Design Museum, London, SE1 2YD
  • When 24th July - 29th October
  • How much? £11.85 Adults, £6.50 Students (free to members)
  • Who's going? Anyone interested in 3d printing and the like

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