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Beautiful Web Project to Launch Okkervil River’s New Album

Okkervil River are one of our favourite bands here at Cult Brand (or at least they're one of the favourite bands of the nameless staff member writing this, which is practically the same thing), and their highly anticipated (at least by me) new album, Meriden, is out on September 3rd.

The album is an exploration of the stories and memories which lead singer Will Sheff has of his childhood, growing up in the New Hampshire town of Meriden, and looks set to be another example of the storytelling style which has defined the group. As part of the promotional leadup to the release next month, the band have, in collaboration with NPR and artist William Schaff, created this beautiful website / storytelling project, sharing some of the stories which underpin the album.

It's a lovely idea, and beautifully executed - an excellent example of effective multimedia (do we still use that word?) work, which is neither overly complicated nor overlyflashy, but instead combines audio, photography and video into a wonderful piece of storytelling which gives a flavour of the album's music, and which feels like a personal gift from the band to its fans.

Go and check it out here - but beforehand, why not listen to one of their songs below? Go on, it's REALLY GOOD.

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