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‘You! The Musical’ – Personal Theatre In NYC

It's not new news that personalisation news in the modern age. As more and more experiences, products, art and culture become international, global experiences, people are increasingly drawn to ephemeral or personalised works. From trainer customisation offered by Nike and the like, to the sort of one-on-one theatrical experiences offered by such events as the Battersea Arts Centre's (aptly named) 'One On One' series, unique experiences have never been so sought-after.

Representing what may well be the ultimate step to date in this trend, we recently stumbled across the fantastic concept that is 'You! The Musical'. To quote their website, 'You! The Musical™ is a show about your guest of honor written and performed by award winning New York writers and entertainers. It is not a roast, it is not a video. You! The Musical™ is a customized celebration of someone you love, using favorite songs with personalized lyrics, specially created musical numbers, sketch comedy, and live appearances by loved ones, that can also include actual photos and videos woven throughout. It's one of a kind...literally!'

It's not a 100% novel concept, but there's something particularly winning about the idea of a bespoke musical - there's no doubt that, for the right musical-loving narcissist, this could well be the greatest birthday / Christmas / Valentine's present ever. Check out the video below to get a flavour of this unique experience - and hope that someone brings it to London soon...:

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