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Gearing Up For Open House London 2013

Open House weekend is one of London's most popular public events, and for good reason - the annual opportunity to peek behind the facades of some of the Capital's grandest architectural landmarks and to get under the skin (so to speak) of some of our most iconic buildings is too good to pass up.

This year's event falls on 21-22 September, and you can start planning your activity at the Open House website here. It's hard to believe, given the event's popularity, that's it's only been established 21 years - at its inception it was a small charitable initiative designed to promote and highlight the city's incredible cultural and architectural patrimony; now, it's an established feature on London's annual calendar of visitor attractions, and the concept has been extended to over 20 other cities around the world.

Open House weekend always involves an early start and a degree of queuing, with venues being accessible on a first come, first served basis - but it's worth the effort. This year, four particularly popular venues are running a ballet for access through the Open House website - should you wish to gain access to either The Shard, Downing Street, the London Eye or Gray's Inn, you can apply here. Good luck!

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