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Salinger Estate To Publish Previously Unseen Novels

JD Salinger is one of the great mystery characters of 20th Century literature; feted for his generation-defining 'Catcher in the Rye', he published his last original work in 1965 and was renowned as the great recluse of the literary scene until his death in 2010.

Now, though, reports suggest that the world is going to get access to additional works from the Salinger canon, as a new biography relates that "the writer left instructions with his estate to publish five books after 2015. Some will be original, while others will be extended versions of previous works.

They will include work featuring Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye, as well as new stories about the Glass family, who featured in Franny and Zooey and other collections. The works are also expected to include a novella based on his war experiences and a book set against the backdrop of World War II".

There's a full account on The Independent, which you can read here - it's hard not to approach this news with trepidation, though. It's somewhat reassuring that the decision appears to have been Salinger's own before his passing, but there's often something rather disappointing about reading posthumously-published works which will always, necessarily, be decontextualised and are often unapproved. Whilst there are obviously occasions when it's the artists own crippling perfectionism which prevents them from sharing their work with the world, there are other occasions when the work potentially doesn't measure up to the rest of their repertoire - we wait with bated breath to see which category the new Salinger works fall into...

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