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Snapshot Songs Project To Celebrate London

We like this project. The Barbican and the Guildhall School are collaborating on Snapshot Songs, "an exciting new music project that will involve 150 people coming together with International award-winning composer Stuart Hancock to create and perform a song-cycle that represents the many voices of London today".

Currently recruiting singers from all backgrounds - professional experience not required - the project will over the next few months build up a soundscape of our city, weaving together voices and narratives from the diverse inhabitants of London to create an audio portrait of the nation's capital.

In the digital age, sound is a medium which is often overlooked in the barrage of visual media we're presented with each minute - and yet it can be hugely evocative, as the recent performance of The Hush at the National Theatre's 'Shed' pop-up demonstrated. We can't wait to hear what the project ends up producing.

There will be open workshops at the Barbican on 14th September for those interested in finding out more; in the meantime, though, you can read in more detail about the project on its website. We're off to warm up our vocal chords...

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