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The Front Pages Of The Daily Express

One of the few things that the British love more than their media is scrutinising and dissecting it. In the UK's grand tradition of mediawatching comes Express Bingo, a project which screengrabs and archives each day's Daily and Sunday Express front pages for posterity, to track the issues and stories which most often crop up.


As the screenshot above illustrates, 9 of the previous 21 front pages feature Princess Diana - a startling achievement considering it's now over 15 years since her untimely demise. We strongly recommend bookmarking Express Bingo and checking back at the close of 2013 - it would be a terrible missed opportunity were they not to engage in some in-depth statistical breakdowns of 2013's frontpages from ExpressLand, in which the very real issues du jour fade into the background in favour of conspiracy theorising over a decade and a half-old driving accident.

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