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Echo – The New Name For HackneyShares

We've featured Hackney Shares on the Cult Brand website before - it's a great concept, and we're happy to announce their recent rebrand and name change to Echo (short for 'Economy Of Hours'). The concept, though, remains the same - business donate their time to others in exchange for currency, now called 'Echos', which they can in turn exchange with other businesses to avail themselves of their services.

Echo brings together local people and local organisations – including businesses, charities, councils and leisure centres – to create a community-wide economy of hours where the more you put in, the more you get back. They specialise in helping organisations from small start-ups to sizeable corporates unlock dormant resources to trade, ensuring that a wealth of skills and services are available to members’.

Just one of a series of businesses in East London disrupting traditional B2B service models, Echo is a brilliant example of people coming together locally to benefit each other. Long may it flourish.

You can find out more about Echo and how you can get involved here.

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