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This 3d-printed Room is Terrifying (and impressive)


A fully immersive, human-scale architectural object, created by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger emerges as the first life-sized construction to be entirely 3D printed out of sandstone. 'Digital Grotesque' is now a realized space, consisting of two individual halves that form an aggregate volume -- the grotto. from the outside, the structure presents itself as a cubical mass, but its interior hides an intricate geometry of millions of design facets. the room's impossible ornamentation and free-form geometries represent a paradigm shift within the field of digital fabrication.

Now, there's no doubt that this is hugely technologically significant and massively impressive and really cool, but it also gives us The Fear, because frankly it looks as though Ripley, Vasquez et al should be in there with flamethrowers, and that an alien queen might pop out and spit acid at you at any minute. Or maybe that's just us...

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