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Helping The Hoxton Mini-Press

We're big fans of a good Kickstarter here at Cult Brand - we were ever so pleased when our friends at Hide & Seek got their funding for the hugely successful Tiny Games project - so we were very happy to see that the wonderful Hoxton Mini-Press team had doubled their initial target with over a fortnight to go.

The initial premise was to secure funding for the first two in a planned series of art books about East London, comprising one strand of pure photography and another of images and words. Now that the team know that they can make the basic printing happen thanks to meeting their starting goal of £5,000, they're hoping to stretch that to £15,000 which would allow them to launch a shop website and to start creating the materials needed for the next pair of books in the series. We love East London, and we love books, so frankly anything which can be done to promote either is A Good Thing in our book - bung'em a tenner, it's the least you can do.

You can see additional details about the project, and help fund it, at their Kickstarter Page here.

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