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Amazon Mayday

Customer service.  It's one of those things in life - like the Novovirus, five-hour motorway traffic jams, and Justin Beiber - that we have to stoically endure from time to time whilst seething in a bilious puddle of hate.

Well, maybe not for much longer if Amazon has something to do with

We know it seems barely a day goes by without Amazon moving a step closer to doing and selling anything & everything - but this next innovation has a touch of the genius move about it.  (Admittedly, it was launched without any fanfare or, indeed, consumer reaction - but it sounds incredible to us.)

Called Mayday, it's a video feature that has shipped on the new HDX tables.  Put simply, you get stuck, you hit the red button.  In a jiffy a fully-trained and knowledgeable assistant will have visual access to you and the tablet - and be able to guide you through the steps required to address the problem.

And this is available 24/7 x 365.

How Amazon Mayday puts other e Reader Companies on Notice

Amazon's phenomenal success has been built upon the cornerstones of  customer service, value & choice - so much so that, even during the recent turbulence with the HMRC, they have consistently remain the most popular consumer brand where others have suffered.

With new innovations like Mayday, their star is likely to continue to shine.

Ref: GoodeReader

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