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Kitchenette – A Food Incubator

Recently launched in London, Kitchenette is part of a new wave of entrepreneurial zeal sweeping the capital. Inspired by NYC’s own foodie scene, Kitchenette seeks to give budding food entrepreneurs the tools, training and assistance to get their street food business off the ground.

In exchange for a 10-15% stake in participants business, Kitchenette will help budding Tomasina Myers’s take their idea from a back-of-an-envelope concept to something that can work on London’s streets, providing advice on all aspects of setting up. The cooking doesn’t neglected either – each Monday sees a different business taking part in the programme showing off their culinary chops to a paying public, to test out their creations on the sophisticated palates of East London.

Having sampled the wares of one of Kitchenette’s first round of startups, Panuozzo, we can confirm that it’s definitely worth getting a table (and we’re not just saying that because it’s round the corner from Cult Brand towers)…

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