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Paywalls Coming Soon

Big media news last week when The Telegraph announced that it was moving its digital content to a behind-the-paywall model.

  • The Telegraph web pack offers unlimited access to the paper’s online content, plus access to its smartphone apps, for £1.99 per month (or £20 per year)
  • The full digital pack, which also includes access to the Telegraph titles on tablet devices plus loyalty club membership, will cost £9.99 a month (or £99 per year)

This isn’t dissimilar to the manner in which the New York Times has structured its own system – a system which seems to be working out pretty well for them. It remains to be seen whether the Telegraph has the same core brand strength as the NYT in terms of luring people in beyond the 20 article limit, and the lack of non-gated through sharing social media might well be an issue, but if they can make it work then expect to see this happening across the UK media landscape. Rumour has it that The Sun will be following suit – but it’s when the Guardian abandons its insistence on being free that we’ll know a Rubicon has been crossed…

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